Grass & Co. offers a wide range of quality CBD hemp oil products, made with premium CBD, natural botanicals and vitamin blends for additional health benefits* and the most delicious flavours.

The CALM range combines CBD, Ashwagandha and Chamomile with Vitamin B6 and B12. These vitamins specifically support your psychological function and mental performance. Our complementary botanical ingredients are also blended with MCT Oil, helping to enhance the CBD absorption. The smooth flavours and comforting aromatherapy scents have been specially blended to help calm body and mind.

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CBD may offer potential as a natural remedy when you’re feeling frazzled and fatigued. As it contains no trace of THC, CBD Oil can help settle and relax the mind and body whilst having no psychoactive effects. This means it can be taken at varying times throughout the day. For instance, some people find CBD works best in the morning, before a busy day at the office or even a public speaking event. Others, however, incorporate CBD into their bedtime routine so they can relax and encourage body and mind into a tranquil, restorative sleep.

We find people get the most out of CBD as part of a regular routine. CBD can be incorporated into numerous daily rituals known to help manage the demands of a busy, modern life. Self-care rituals such as yoga, meditation, massage and light exercise can help calm the mind and unwind the body. Many of the uplifting effects of these rituals can be enhanced by CBD.

CBD Oil isn't a medically recognised treatment for anxiety or stress. However, various clinical studies have found that CBD may possibly help manage feelings of stress or anxiety. A 2015 study concluded that CBD Oil interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, helping to calm these feelings. We look forward to future peer-reviewed studies into CBD that support its use as a potential treatment for symptoms of stress.


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Grass & Co. is committed to offering customers the best quality CBD Oil products, with additional natural botanicals that have been handpicked for their enticing flavours..

Our CBD Oil is extracted from hemp plants that are legally grown in the EU and USA, free of pesticides and herbicides. These plants have also been cultivated to contain no trace of THC and high levels of cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD Oil.

To create our high-quality CBD Oil, we utilise a multi-stage CBD extraction, refinement and distillation process. This takes place in our dedicated production facilities, so we can enact rigorous standards of quality control. Finally, every batch is subject to independent third-party lab testing. Our laboratory is one of the only to offer an accredited method of testing. We openly share these Certificates of Analysis on our website product pages so that customers can be sure that they’re getting the exact amount of CBD in each bottle that it says on the label, and that they’ve paid for.

Customers trust us to source all our ingredients sustainably and to rigorously lab test the CBD content. We will always remain transparent about our processes and will continue to challenge ourselves to deliver the highest quality CBD products.