Our Guide To Managing Your Stress

If you feel like your life is more stressful than it used to be, you’re not alone. The Mental Health Foundation found that 65% of people are feeling more stressed than usual since March 2020. The reality is that in current times, we all need to make sure that we are prioritising our wellness and mental health. As a result, people are exploring the possibility of self-care rituals, many of which can be enhanced with CBD. 

Does CBD help with stress?

When we experience prolonged feelings of stress, we may not value our personal wellbeing. It is crucial that we dedicate time to rest and relaxation to reduce what may feel like an ever-increasing mental load. As well as this, when we are constantly ‘carrying’ stress with us, this can manifest as physical tension.

CBD can help to ease both mind and body, creating a sense of balance that is often disrupted by the long-term effects of stress. For instance, our CALM 300mg CBD Balm from our CALM range can be gently massaged into pulse points to help soothe physical and mental tension. The relaxing qualities of the CBD are accentuated by tranquil flavours such as Evening Primrose, Rosemary and Basil. 

Research is ongoing as to the beneficial effects of CBD. However, there have been promising results from studies into how CBD can help with stress. For instance, a 2020 study in New Zealand found that patients with anxiety and depression saw measurable increases in their quality of daily life after 3 weeks of using CBD. Therefore, we remain optimistic that more people will find CBD to have an enriching effect in their daily lives.

Taking CBD for stress

Self-care looks different for every person. For some, it could mean a walk in a park or spending time with loved ones, whereas other people are more interested in established ‘wellness’ practices such as yoga or meditation. No matter what form your self-care ritual may take, it can often be enhanced by using CBD. Here are just a few ways in which you can get the most out of the potentially uplifting effects of CBD. 

Your sleep routine

When we’re feeling stressed, we can often struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Not only can we be kept awake by worrying thoughts, but physical signs of stress can prevent us from resting.

Many people use bedtime rituals to ease the mind into a state of relaxation. For instance, a soothing evening bath, breathing exercises or meditation can help us decompress and unwind after a stressful day. These rituals can be enhanced with our REST 500mg CBD Oil, which blends premium quality CBD with Valerian, Lavender and Bergamot. These delicious flavours work with the CBD to ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

Your wellness regimen

Wellness routines such as exercise, yoga and meditation can calm distracting thoughts, helping us feel more grounded and centred. However, when we are stressed we can sometimes be presented with mental blocks. These prove problematic when engaging in wellness rituals. 

CBD can help to calm our minds, helping us to enter a more relaxed and focused state. By easily falling into the rhythms of a light workout or the breathing exercises associated with yoga or meditation, we can get the most out of these routines’ uplifting effects.

Easing physical tension

As previously mentioned, mental stress can often appear in the form of physical tension, soreness and discomfort. It is for this reason that a CBD massage works wonders for calming tension, both mental and physical. 

In particular, rubbing CBD Balms and Body Oils into stiff joints and muscles can help soothe specific areas that have been affected by stress. Our EASE 300mg CBD Muscle Balm has been specially formulated to ease aches and pains. Simply massage gently into any stiff or tense areas, and unwind with a restorative blend of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Camphor and Arnica.

We’d like to finish this article by saying that one of the most important things about CBD is for people to listen to their mind and body. This will help them find a balance that works best for them. We recommend anyone taking CBD for the first time to start low and slow, adjusting your dosage based on how your body responds.

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