Grass & Co. offers a complete range of products made with the finest quality, best tasting CBD and botanical blends. We combine premium CBD Oil with delicious natural botanicals, as well as complementary vitamins* to help calm, ease and rest your body.

The Grass & Co. EASE CBD collection includes the highest quality CBD Oils enhanced with botanicals and vitamins to help support bone and muscle health.

Ideal for aching muscles, soreness and joint pain, our EASE CBD, botanical and vitamin blends will work with your body to help you keep moving throughout the day, and especially after exercise.


For many of us, mental tension can manifest itself physically. These types of aches and niggles could be due to household chores, gardening tasks or spending extended periods at our desks. For others, various medical conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia can take quite a toll on their day-to-day life.


When taken as part of a daily routine, the complete Grass & Co. range can help support those experiencing an array of issues with their muscles and joints. This can include easing stiff muscles and aching joints, as well as calming the mind. It's also worth mentioning that tension and soreness can often impede sleep quality. Those of you struggling to get a peaceful night's sleep due to physical or mental tension may want to browse the Grass & Co. range of CBD Topical Balms and Pillow Sprays.


While CBD or Hemp Oil cannot be prescribed for medical conditions in the UK, we have begun to see promising research in the scientific community. We hope that this research will be consolidated by peer-reviewed studies.


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Our mission at Grass & Co. is to help people to get the most out of CBD and live a life inspired by nature. We are committed to offering a complete range of CBD Hemp Oil products that only use the highest quality ingredients and taste fantastic.

We make our CBD Oil from hemp plants that have been legally grown in the EU and US. Our final CBD products contain no trace of THC (which is known for its psychoactive effects). Once the CBD Oil is extracted, our products are rigorously tested in independent labs. Our products only reach the shelves once we are 100% certain that they are of the highest possible quality for our customers.