The Calming Benefits of Blending CBD Oil with Chamomile

In the Grass & Co. CALM range of premium products, CBD Oil is combined with chamomile, ashwagandha, and vitamins B6 and B12, to help calm and relax your body and mind throughout the day.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of chamomile and see if using chamomile can help those suffering from anxiety and if it helps you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a flowering plant in the daisy family and has been consumed for centuries as a natural remedy for various health conditions. Although native to Europe and Western Asia, the chamomile plant is now found around the world. The name chamomile is derived from the Greek word for the herb and means “earth apple” which is fitting since chamomile has a sweet scent reminiscent of apples.

The dried flowers of the chamomile plant contain many terpenoids and flavonoids contributing to its medicinal properties. There are two different types of chamomile plants: the German chamomile and the Roman chamomile. The German chamomile is considered the more potent variety and is the one most widely used for medicinal purposes.

The Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is considered a safe plant and has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries for a wide variety of conditions. Some of the conditions chamomile has traditionally been used for include rheumatic pain, hay fever, inflammation, fever, digestive problems, muscle spasms, gout, ulcers, skin irritations, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, kidney, liver, and bladder problems.

Currently, chamomile is mostly used to help with digestive upsets, insomnia, and anxiety. It is also used topically to help ease skin conditions and accelerate wound healing. More research is needed though to prove these purported benefits.  

Does Chamomile Help with Anxiety?

Although more research is required, limited data shows that the use of chamomile is generally considered safe and can be effective in helping to reduce some of the symptoms of anxiety. In a study conducted in 2016, it was found that the use of chamomile was safe and significantly reduced moderate to moderate-to-severe Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) symptoms.

Can  Chamomile Help You Sleep?

Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquilliser and sleep-inducer. Although research indicates that chamomile may make you feel sleepy and help you to fall asleep, there isn’t yet any conclusive evidence that it improves your quality of sleep.

The chamomile flower extract contains a chemical compound called Apigenin. It’s believed that the sedative effects of chamomile may be linked to the Apigenin binding to receptors in the brain which are known to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.

CBD Oil to Help Calm Body & Mind

In the Grass & Co. CALM range, CBD is combined with chamomile to help calm both mind and body. When used together with other wellness routines such as a walk in the park, yoga, or meditation, CBD can help create a sense of well-being that can be disrupted by the long-term effects of anxiety and not getting enough sleep.

Our CALM 5.5% | 500mg CBD Oil contains a relaxing blend of CBD, Mint, Chamomile & Ashwagandha that give the CBD Oil a delicious, smooth flavour. This unique CBD and botanical formulation is enhanced with Vitamins B6 & B12 to help support mental performance, relaxation and fight fatigue throughout the day. *

If you’re feeling frazzled and mentally tired, Grass & Co. CALM CBD will help quieten the noise of everyday life. When you need a break, feel more relaxed with CALM. And, in turn, this will help prepare body and mind more easily for sleep at the end of your day.

CBD is best taken as part of daily rituals, and bedtime routines are no exception. Not only can dedicating regular time to self-care be highly beneficial, but a sense of regularity can work wonders for your sleep cycle. Various routines can prepare your mind and body for sleep, from meditation and light exercise to a soothing evening bath. Try accompanying these routines with CBD Oil to enhance the feelings of relaxation.

Our REST 5.5% | 500mg CBD Oil Drops blend premium quality CBD Oil with an array of gentle and restful flavours including Lavender, Valerian and Bergamot. This particular CBD Oil also contains Vitamin B5, which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Wake up feeling ready to embrace the day ahead.

When you start to use CBD as part of your AM and PM routine, we recommend you start slowly with a low dosage. You can then see how your body responds over time, making adjustments until you find a dosage that works for you.

Discover Grass & Co. CBD today. For a better night and day.

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**Contains Pantothenic Acid (B5) which contributes to normal mental performance and Vitamins B6 and B12 which contribute to normal psychological function.


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