At Grass & Co. we’re pleased to offer a range of high quality CBD gift sets, perfect for friends and loved ones who may be interested in CBD for a better night and day. Our premium CBD products infuse the finest quality CBD Oil with botanical ingredients known for their delicious scents and smooth natural flavours. Your gift could be just what that special someone needs to transform their daily routine.

Our CBD gift sets include not only CBD Oils, Balms and Body Oils, but also a wide range of high quality botanical products, including Aromatherapy Candles, Pillow Sprays, relaxing Bath Salts and mulberry silk Sleep Masks. These products do not contain CBD but are perfect for a range of soothing daily rituals, from an evening bath to a post-exercise warm down.

All of our gift sets are ethically sourced, and delivered direct to our customers’ doors in a luxurious gift box. Find your perfect gift for that special someone today.


At Grass & Co. our ethos is helping people live a life inspired by nature. So our customers can experience CBD Oil for themselves, we always maintain the highest possible standards of quality.

Our CBD Oil is made from hemp plants that are legally grown in the EU and USA. As well as being cultivated without pesticides and herbicides, after our comprehensive extraction processes, our CBD products contain no trace of THC and only pure cannabidiol, or CBD.This means that our CBD Oil delivers no psychoactive effects and all our CBD products are legal to buy, consume and supply within the UK.