How to find the best quality CBD Oil

More people are becoming aware of the relaxing and restorative properties of CBD Oil. However, in comparison to other market spaces, there is currently a lack of regulation in the CBD industry. With so many choices, consumers may struggle to understand exactly what constitutes quality CBD Oil.

At Grass & Co. we welcome new and clearer guidelines regarding CBD safety and labelling. From 31st March 2021, only FSA-approved CBD products will be available on the shelves. Our hope is that these regulatory changes will only enhance product quality and reliability within the CBD industry for everyone.

In advance of these regulatory changes, Grass & Co. already offer the highest quality and compliant CBD Oil, cultivated from premium European hemp and enhanced through a non-chemical extraction process. We’re also proactive in ensuring that our CBD Oil passes stringent quality checks. Each batch of our CBD Oil is tested by an independent laboratory and the results are published online, so you can see its quality for yourself.

Finally, we infuse our CBD Oil with complementary botanicals and vitamins that deliver health benefits as well as delicious flavours and scents. Wind down with our mint, ashwagandha and chamomile-infused CALM CBD Oil or soothe your mind and body with EASE CBD Oil, blended with ginger, turmeric and orange. These natural ingredients help make CBD Oil a relaxing and uplifting part of your daily routine.

How to spot the best quality CBD Oil

We want to ensure anyone interested in CBD has the best possible experience. Understanding the hemp sourcing and extraction process is a great way to learn indicators of high-quality CBD Oil. Here are some of the most important factors in the quality of CBD Oil, so you know exactly what to look out for.

Check the source of hemp

As with all essential oils, the source of CBD Oil impacts its quality. CBD Oil is a natural extract of the hemp plant, which has been grown by humans since at least 8000 BC for uses ranging from medicine to food and clothing.

The highest quality of CBD Oil comes from hemp plants that have been specifically developed to contain high levels of beneficial CBD and negligibly low levels of THC (less than <0.2%), the active compound found in marijuana. (If you’re interested in the differences between these compounds and plants visit our FAQ page).

Check the lab reports

Although not mandated by regulation, the highest quality CBD Oil will be accompanied by a lab report. These give a breakdown of the different cannabinoids and levels present within the Oil and provide an indication of its quality. As mentioned, the best quality CBD Oil will contain a high level of CBD and other compounds not detected.

Check the extraction process

There are various ways that CBD Oil can be extracted from the hemp plant, and the process used can affect its quality. We cover this in considerable detail in our article on how CBD Oil is made.

To ensure the best possible quality CBD Oil, Grass & Co. use alcohol (IPA) in the extraction process. This is integral in identifying both the type and relative quantity of the plant components that need to be extracted as part of the purification process.  

There are numerous benefits to using IPA, the most significant being that it consistently delivers pure CBD of the finest quality within high-caliber production standards. As a result, it is used to create a range of health and beauty products, as well as having a variety of medical uses.  

Whilst solvent selection is a significant part of the extraction process, at Grass & Co. our efforts to create CBD Oil of the highest quality are supported by extraction machines that are unique to our dedicated production facility. Following extraction, our CBD Oil goes through a precise, multi-stage refinement and distillation process until all that is left is the pure CBD Oil.

Grass & Co. is committed not only to providing the best quality CBD Oil, but also high standards of customer service. We are grateful to our customers for sharing their experiences with Grass & Co. 

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