How to spot the best quality CBD Oil

As more people become aware of the relaxing and restorative properties of CBD Oil, it’s growing in popularity and is now being used in everything from soothing Muscle Balms to somniferous Pillow Sprays. Despite the fact that more people are enjoying the benefits of CBD Oil, however, the industry is currently unregulated in comparison to other market spaces. With a lack of rules and standards, you may be wondering – how do I choose the best quality CBD oil? We’ve put together this article to help. 

Check the source of hemp

As with all essential oils, the source of CBD Oil impacts its quality. CBD Oil is a natural extract of the hemp plant, which has been cultivated by humans since at least 8000 BC for uses ranging from medicine to food and clothing. 


The highest quality of CBD Oil comes from hemp plants that have been specifically bred to contain high levels of beneficial CBD and negligibly low levels of THC, the active compound found in marijuana. (If you’re interested in the differences between these compounds and plants visit our FAQ page). 

Check the lab reports

Although not mandated by regulation, the highest quality CBD Oil will be accompanied by a lab report. These give a breakdown of the different cannabinoids and levels present within the oil and provide an indication of its quality. As mentioned, the best quality CBD Oil will contain a high level of CBD and very low levels of other compounds. 

Check the extraction process

There are various ways that CBD Oil can be extracted from the hemp plant, and the process used can affect its quality. CBD Oil can be extracted from the hemp plant by using either CO2, other oils, or ethanol as a solvent. The best of these is CO2; whilst it requires advanced equipment and more time to use, it results in a purer form of CBD oil that is free from any solvent residue, as well as any other unwanted components. 

Where to buy high-quality CBD Oil 

At Grass & Co we’re proud to make the highest quality of CBD Oil. Whether you decide to go for our mint and chamomile-infused CALM CBD Oil, or our soothing orange, ginger and turmeric EASE CBD Oil, you’ll experience all the natural benefits of the hemp plant.


Our CBD Oil is cultivated by Europe’s premium hemp growers, and doesn't rely on pesticides (hemp is, in fact, a wonderfully resilient plant that actually reduces the toxicity of soil). Its quality is affected by the rhythms of nature, and enhanced through a non-chemical extraction process. Furthermore, each batch of our CBD Oil has been tested by an independent laboratory and the results published online, so you can see its quality for yourself. 


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