Hello Grass & Co Family,

We found our weekend at the Om Yoga Show so inspiring and especially loved listening to the enthusiastic reviews of our CBD. Combining CBD and yoga isn’t a new concept. But, we’ve been fascinated to learn more about the long history between cannabis and yoga that can be traced far back to the practice’s ancient Indian roots.

This harmonious link makes complete sense as we know that mental and physical well-being are intrinsically connected. CBD can offer many natural, uplifting benefits that go hand-in-hand with yoga to reduce stress, improve relaxation and increase your overall sense of well-being. Read on to find out how your CBD and yoga rituals can complement each other.


Find a new space on your mat for our CALM botanical CBD range. CBD is non-intoxicating as it contains no trace of THC (no psychoactive or addictive effects). So, it’s safe to use during your yoga practice and could make your session even more enriching, as well as enlivening your senses.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a relaxing Hatha Yoga session or a more body intense Ashtanga class, try creating a balancing CBD ritual beforehand to take your yoga to the next level. At Grass & Co. we offer a holistic range of products that work with your body and mind. Our CBD Oils (also known as sublinguals or drops) are direct, fast-acting and taste great. Sublinguals absorb through the glands under the tongue and get to work quickly. Enjoy your dose pre-yoga or meditation to help relieve tension naturally, leaving you feeling more calm, relaxed and present with your breath.

Many users also report a heightened mental focus during their sessions. If you’re new to CBD, our topicals are great for soothing any slight niggles that could be holding your body back. Topical CBD products are absorbed through the skin into your system (transdermally), but do not enter the bloodstream.


Post-yoga, extend your positive mindset and feeling of zen by lighting a CALM Candle. Create an area of serenity and unwind in the comforting aromatherapy scent and soothing, flickering glow. After a warm bath with a generous scoop of Grass & Co. naturally cleansing Himalayan Pink Salts, our nourishing CALM CBD Body Oil is perfect for massaging into aching joints and sore muscles.

Misting the peaceful Pillow Spray onto bed linen (and yoga mat ready for tomorrow) is the final step in your complete CBD yoga ritual. Soothe your mind to your sleepy place. Awake feeling calmed.

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